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Prevention is the only cure

  • Strong bones are important at every           age.

  • Osteoporosis can be prevented.

  • Assess your risk early.
OSTEOHEALTH NZ - Mobile  Bone Density Scanning Service

How healthy are your bones?

Osteohealth NZ Ltd provides a safe, low-cost, non-invasive ultrasound bone density scan of the heel to help assess risk of Osteoporosis. We also offer advice on preventative measures.

At Osteohealth NZ we promote an all-natural approach to bone health using consultations and programs that include nutrition, exercise and lifestyle education.

Why do I need a bone density check?
Osteoporosis, often called the 'silent killer', is one of the biggest health problems in New Zealand today. As there are often no signs or symptoms, many people do not realise they have this disease usually until a fracture occurs. Our goal is to help you prevent suffering later by detecting early signs of thinning bone mass so you can enjoy healthy bones and a healthy life

How does a bone density scan work?

Your foot is placed in the ultrasound machine to calculate the stiffness index which is an indicator of bone strength. Your bone density is then determined by passing ultrasound waves through your heel bone.

These sound waves are then received at the other side of your heel after being absorbed by the bone structure inside. The denser your bone structure the more sound waves are absorbed. This enables a measurement of your bone density to be determined.

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make an appointment – remember, the best form of prevention is early detection.

Ultrasound Bone Density Testing is Inexpensive
The other form of testing is by special x-ray (DEXA) which requires a doctor's referral and usually costs over $175.00. Unlike the DEXA scan with us you don't need a Doctor's referral for the Ultrasound Bone Density Test, their is also no months of waiting. You will also get the results immediately and will cost significantly lower then the Dexa Scan at only $90.

About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis literally means 'porous bones' and is a condition where bones gradually become brittle and fragile, leading to an increased risk of fracture


Prevention is always better than treatment as there is no cure and it is as easy as leading a healthy lifestyle from a young age, or changing to a healthy lifestyle as young as possible.

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We serve people residing throughout the South Island of New Zealand, including Canterbury, Otago, Nelson, Blenheim, West Coast, Central and Southland.